Our Team



CEO and President

Jimmy Ezzell is an inspirational leader who has the master skill of painting a clear picture of his vision while inspiring others to take action on their own dreams and goals. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic partners, and establishing organizations that grow into the tens of thousands, Jimmy has served on International Advisory Boards, won numerous industry awards, and reached top levels in several companies over the years. Jimmy intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization and brings them together into a coherent whole.


As the CEO of YEP, Entrepreneurial community, Jimmy oversees and executes the vision of an exponentially growing Global organization. He is spearheading the mission to give Entrepreneurs a single platform that will provide them with training, tools, and opportunities they need to not only achieve the success they seek but to create generational wealth and legacies.

Jimmy serves on several Boards of Directors including Exertus Financial Partners and is also the Founder and CEO of TripValet.



COO and VP of Operations

As Chief Operating Officer at YEP, Lorrell Winfield is responsible for the global operations of the company. He brings more than 20 years of experience to YEP. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, while providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth.

From 1999 to joining YEP in 2019, Lorrell Winfield was the Director of Operations for both Aquila Energy, a provider of gas and electrical service and Verizon Communications, a  technology-driven communication service provider. He was responsible for labor and operational costs while managing over $10 million dollars in multifunded budgets across North America and abroad, leading the efforts to deliver best-in-class unified communications and services to clients, customers and communities. 

Lorrell Winfield is very active in his community volunteering countless hours to multiple Chambers, Church Events & Business organizations and is dedicated to his family and faith.



CFO and VP of Finance

Mr. Floyd has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer for a number of companies over more than 20 years. He has worked in a variety of financial and operational capacities in startups and turnarounds and as a consultant, investment banker, and auditor. He has deep experience in public company reporting and operations, fundraising, and transactions.


Since 2012 he has run several companies and worked for a number of clients performing financial modeling, fundraising, accounting, and strategic and business planning engagements. In 2010 Mr. Floyd was the CFO for Blackhawk Healthcare, a $75 million revenue hospital group. Hired to effect a turnaround of the business, he created and implemented the plan, driving a $600K monthly net loss to a $100K monthly net income in six weeks.


Mr. Floyd then negotiated the sale of the company, eliminating a $4 million personal liability to the Chairman. Previously, Mr. Floyd co-founded and lead Progressive Medical Care in New Orleans, a successful multi-physician clinic.  Prior to that he worked as COO, CFO and as a consultant at other companies.



CTO and VP of Technology

As CTO of YEP, Eric will oversee all the technical aspects of YEP and provide roadmap and technology solutions for YEP to grow the company using technology.
Eric will provide innovative ideas and technical design guidance on building an AI-powered sales/marketing system and oversee the development process.

With his vast technology experience, Eric will provide guidance and enhancement of YEP's current technology platform and online business operations, as well as providing technical innovation ideas that will increase the value of YEP using AI technology and later tokenization of business process and e-commerce transactions.
Eric possesses 34 years of experience in website development, mobile Apps, and internet business applications and technology. Eric has extensive experience in owning and operating digital businesses and software development.



6+ years experience in Market Education: Forex, Futures, Stocks, Crypto & Options:

Specializing in Price Action, Market Fundamentals, Volume Profile, Risk Analysis, and Trading Psychology; 4 years in Private Equity Management.

Extensive knowledge and experience in Network Marketing and

trading education: Known for fostering a unified, collaborative culture across globally dispersed teams while maintaining tight organizational focus on profits, brands, volume, growth and productivity.

President & Co-Founder of DRIVEN



As the Executive Director of Challenges, for the Young Entrepreneur Project, Jennifer Kempfer-Norris is leading all initiatives for the strategy, leadership, and implementation of plans to create the best experience possible for members, affiliates, clients, investors, and potential partners.

Being with the company since it's initial development stages, Jennifer has continually helped to develop and lead a cultural transformation that results in new levels of leadership, support, and community excellence grounded in the mission of becoming not the best company in the world, but FOR the world. 

With over 15 years of experience in leadership, psychology, and creating and managing corporate systems, Jennifer has mastered the art of bridging different divisions of the company, to create an environment that contributes to the above average rate of retention that YEP has and continues to experience. 

Executive Director of Challenges







As an original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success. His legendary work behind the scenes of business ventures has produced more than $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making of dozens of millionaires. He’s launched massively successful products like The Food Saver, Ginsu Knives, The Great Wok of China, The Flying Lure, and many more. He has worked with amazing celebrities turned entrepreneurs including, like Billie Mays, Tony Little, Jack LaLanne, and George Foreman to name a few. Kevin’s been called the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneur Answer Man, because he knows the challenges unique to start-ups and has a special passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. kevinharrington.tv




Steve Mandell is the CEO of Gameplan Enterprises.  As an entertainment attorney, entrepreneur, and brand and marketing expert, Steve has more than thirty years of experience in negotiating top tier national and international agreements in sports, media, business, licensing and brand development.  He has structured deals with numerous professional sports teams, media networks, multi-channel and publishing companies. As an expert in licensing and brand and product development, Steve speaks at various entrepreneur conferences and at pitch and investor events that have also included major entertainment and sports celebrities. Steve has procured and negotiated several television shows and has a full service digital design firm and Podcast Network.

Steve’s vast experience and expertise has him serving on several Board of Directors including Amshop, LLC which is a fully integrated partnership with PharmaPacks, the #1 National and #3 International Third-party distribution platform for Amazon. He is also a member of the Board for  Events.com, the world’s #1 event management platform and Scenebot and Scene, a social media platform that appeals to a mass audience including actors to “get scene” by top entertainment industry professionals, casting agents and managers.  Finally, Steve is on the Board of Advisors for VersusGame which is the first prediction game platform in which the player gets paid for being right.